IX SYSTEM |IP Network Audio-Video Intercom

The IX System – getting the job done for a wide range of business applications, while achieving connection and integration with third-party IP systems.

  • Full IP-based Audio-Video Intercom System
  • Integration with other IP-based security systems
  • 24/7 Monitoring/Recording
Product Detail

IS Series |Commercial & Security IP Video Intercom System

The IS Series can be used as a hardwired network system for a small application, or as an IP network system for a central controlled system across a number of facilities.

  • Assists onsite visitors from any offsite Master Station.
  • Up to 160 Master Stations, 160 Video Door Stations, 960 Room Sub Stations can be combined per site.
  • High performance color video intercom features.
  • Your PC can be used as a Master Station.
Product Detail

JKW-IP |IP color video intercom adaptor

The JKW-IP provides you with sophisticated network-based IP video intercom solutions. It comes with software for you to use your network-connected PC as the master unit of the JK Series, giving you the opportunity to improve your door entry security management. Answer your door from any network location.

  • Improves security efficiency.
  • Lowers cost for security.
  • Your PC can be used as the JK master station.

Product Detail

LEM-1DL|Access Sentry


Single master door entry system


  • Calling and 2-way communication
  • Door release
  • Call tone & voice volume controls
  • AC 12-16V or DC 12-24V powered

Product Detail

LEM|Single Master Communication


Compact, Open Voice Master Station


  • 1 or 3-station sizes
  • Compatible with any LE series sub station
  • Voice volume control

Product Detail

LEF|Intermixed Loudspeaker Intercom


Intermix master and sub stations in any combination to create desired system


  • Selective calling, monitoring, and optional All Call 3, 5, and 10-call masters
  • Wide variety of sub stations available
  • Push-to-talk at master, Hands-free reply at sub
  • Call tone and LED annunciation at master
  • Video door answering (optional)

Product Detail

LEF-C|Master Sentry


Selective open voice communication with music and video options


  • Intermix masters and subs to create desired communication
  • Music volume control on all masters and LE-C/CN subs
  • All Call button on all masters * (*requires BG-10C)
  • Sub-master LEF-1C for door answering and All Call
  • Door release on 5, 10-call masters and LEF-1C

Product Detail

TD-H/B|Selective Call Intercom


Flexibly integrates intercom, paging, and door answering

  • Handsets available in 1, 3, 6, 12 and 24-station sizes
  • Door answering (audio or video) can be added (1 or 2 doors)
  • Paging to one or multiple zones, with optional talkback
  • External signaling device activates when called (RY-AC/A required)

Privacy type (TD-6Z/A, TD-12Z/A)

  • 7 or 13 identical station, full trunk all-master configuration
  • No break-in call
  • Zone page(s) in lieu of station(s)

Product Detail



Paging and communication for retail and warehouse applications


  • Simple operation, durable and reliable
  • Four talk channels w/different colored in-use LED’s
  • Separate paging channel
  • 60-station capacity
  • PAGE button located in handset
  • Easy 7-conductor loop wiring
  • Modular coil cord with reinforced jacks

Product Detail

YAZ-90-3W|Handset Loop-wired Intercom


No Central Exchange Unit – Microprocessor built into each unit


  • Capacity up to 90 stations
  • 3 communication paths
  • Zone paging
  • Wiring distance up to 2,900m max. with 0.8mmφ wire

Product Detail

AX|Integrated Security & Communication


Integration into existing security systems; CCTV, Access Control, Outside Phone; office buildings, factories, schools, hospitals, parking, and prisons


  • Up to 120 audio or video door stations and 8 master stations
  • All wired on CAT-5e (4P), homerun cabling
  • Total hands-free communication, auto-voice actuation
  • Press-to-talk operation & optional headset available
  • Masters available with 3.5 inch color TFT LCD
  • 2 talk channels and 2 video channels
  • Integrate with CCTV, PC, Access control, Outside Phone etc.
  • Two type of All call among masters, Standard & Priority
  • Audio/visual Monitoring
  • Scan monitoring; Hands-free audio/visual monitoring
  • Selective remote control (e.g. door release)
  • PC remote monitoring & control
  • PC programmable and event logging

Product Detail

Security Window Intercom System


Smooth communication with customer through barrier glass at ticket booth or service window; in movie theaters, stations, stadiums, theme parks, banks, and consulates


  • First in industry! Using an acoustic tube with noise cancelling microphone
  • Voice-actuated Hands-free communication
  • Flexible gooseneck type microphone
  • Optional Mono type headset (φ3.5 plug)
  • Detection sensor switches automatically to communication mode
  • Separate speaker system using an optional microphone
  • Paging to waiting room
  • Thin shape of the acoustic tube does not obstruct the field of vision
  • Holes in the barrier glass are not necessary to install
Product Detail

NEM/C|Lamp Memory Intercom


Health Care Facilities, Schools, Buildings, Auto Service Centers, Parking Garages


  • Masters in 10, 20, 30, and 40-station sizes, with or without handset
  • Lamp memory LED and tone annunciation, staying until master answers
  • All Call built in
  • Press-to-talk at master or use handset, hands free at sub
  • Selective group call up to 10 subs at a time
  • Background music optional (NB-U 10W amp)
Product Detail

TC-M|Internal Telephone Type Intercom


Buildings, Bowling Alleys, Elevators, Restaurants


  • Single or dual master system, expandable to 60 stations
  • 10 and 20-call masters, with 20 and 40-call add-on selectors. Handset sub stations
  • Pick up handset to call, with tone and LED annunciation at master
  • Handset subs can talk to each other through connection at master
  • Choice of 2 door station adaptors TB-AD1 for one IE/IF audio door (up to 3),
    or one TB-AD10 for up to 10 IE/IF doors.
Product Detail

MP-S|Mid-Power Intercom


Gas Stations, Drive-Through Windows, Gated Entries


  • 1 and 3-call master stations, single-master system
  • 2.5W output power for higher noise areas
  • Hands-free reply from remote station
  • 8Ω horn speaker can be used as sub
  • Optional call button at sub
Product Detail

AP-M|High-Power Intercom


Single or Dual Master System


  • High output power for large or noisy areas
  • 1, 5, and 10-call masters available
  • Separate transmit and receive volume controls
  • Variety of subs, or use 8Ω horn speaker
Product Detail