Visual Nurse Call Systems

Visual Nurse Call Systems from Cornell Communications

4000 Series Visual Nurse Call System

The Cornell 4000 Visual Nurse Call System is one of the most widely used in the healthcare profession. Hospitals and healthcare clinics can customize their system using zone lights and software systems to monitor alert devices or staff notifications – providing more flexibility. Cornell has designed many different configurations to meet customer needs. The Cornell 4000 system is ideal for upgrading communications at older institutions, often using existing wiring. Duty stations, zone lighting and pagers can be integrated for quick and easy communication. The system is equipped to handle pagers which are either hard-wired or wireless. The 4000 Visual Nurse Call System is flexible, versatile and reliable.

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Audio Nurse Call Systems

Audio Nurse Call System 4500 Series Overview

Nurse Call Emergency Communication Equipment Information

Designed primarily for use in nursing homes, the 4500 series of nurse call systems performs reliably under difficult conditions. Our emergency call systems use industry standard components to ensure simple and intuitive repair and servicing. Our systems are easily adaptable and versatile enough to handle a wide range of applications. We strive to keep our most popular nurse call system in stock at all times, ready for your order.

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7000 Series Audio Nurse Call And Emergency Call Systems

7000 Series Visual Nurse Call System

The 7000 Series Nurse Call (also called “Aiphone”) is exceptionally versatile. It enables all manner of communications including: patient to staff communication, internal staff communication, visitor to resident communications and resident to staff communication. The 7000 Series Nurse Call System is extremely reliable. It is used in many potentially life-saving situations. Versatile in use, it’s frequently used in the areas of rescue assistance (meeting all ADA requirements) and emergency alarms. The 7000 Series is used extensively to upgrade hospital security and nursing home security. Units are available for both audio-only communications and audio/visual communications. Both are key to accurately assess potential emergency situations.

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Wireless Nurse Call

Wireless Nurse Call System: Aura 2.0

Emergency Response System

Cornell Communications specializes in top of the line wireless emergency call systems. Our Aura 2.0 brochures detail the role of our products in healthcare. Hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, and care centers use wired and wireless bed and bath stations for patients. These call systems enable patients to reach caregivers with just the click of a button. Find out how your organization can benefit from nurse call systems with Aura 2.0. The Aura 2.0 school brochure describes how wireless pendants and emergency response systems can increase protection in school. Read this brochure to learn how these products can log calls, alert staff members, and launch instant messages.

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Innovative nurse call systems have been manufactured by Cornell Communications for over 40 years. Our inform wireless nurse call system is proven to improve caregiver response time and increases patient and family satisfaction. This wireless nurse call system combines resident and staff communication systems into one, eliminating the need for multiple communication devices.

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