Fireray® Optical Beam Smoke Detectors

Optical Beam Smoke Detectors are used to provide “wide area” smoke detection. These are usually used in situations where it is impractical, inappropriate or not cost effective (installation, wiring and maintenance) to use traditional point-type detectors. It also enables coverage of a large area, at minimal cost. Optical Beam Smoke Detectors are also ideally suited for situations that might include high ceilings, dusty and dirty environments, or environments that experience temperature extremes.

Typical applications:

  • Conference & Exhibition Centres
  • Shopping Malls
  • Historic Buildings
  • Churches & Mosques
  • Museums
  • Hangers
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Warehouses
  • Airports
  • Hotels & Casinos
  • Sports & Leisure Centres

Types of Beam Smoke Detector

The Optical Beam Smoke Detector works on the principle of light obscuration. The photosensitive element of the Optical Beam Smoke Detector sees light produced by the Transmitter in a normal condition. The Receiver is calibrated to a preset sensitivity level based on a percentage of total obscuration. There are two general types of Optical Beam Smoke Detector – Projected and Reflective. The type used will be dictated by the installation and environment conditions and constraints.

Projected Beam Smoke Detectors

The Transmitter (T) and the Receiver (R) are installed at each end of the area to be protected, up to 100 meters apart. The Receiver is electrically connected to a Control Unit, the latter being installed at the ground level.

Projected Optical Beam Smoke Detectors are less susceptible to stray reflection as reflections go back to the Transmitter. As a result, Projected Optical Beam Smoke Detectors can operate within narrower gaps left in the operating environment. In addition, Projected Optical Beam Smoke Detector Transmitter and Receiver units are generally compact and easily adopted into “aesthetic” architectural designs.

Reflective Beam Smoke Detectors

The Transmitter (T) and the Receiver (R) are contained within one unit: the Transceiver (TR). The transmitted infrared light beam is reflected back by a reflector (prism) mounted directly opposite this unit, up to 100 metres away. The Receiver is connected to a Control Unit that can be either integrated into the Transceiver or installed at ground level.

Reflected Optical Beam Smoke Detectors utilities less wiring for reduced installation costs (power and wiring are only required at the Transceiver end) and only requires the Transceiver to be aligned. However the Reflected Optical Beam Smoke Detector can be vulnerable to reflective items close to the IR beam path. As the Reflector has a wide acceptance angle, it does not need to be aligned as accurately as both ends of a Projected Optical Beam Smoke Detector.

Fireray® 5000

Auto-aligning Optical Beam Smoke Detector

The Fireray® 5000 motorised reflective, auto aligning infrared optical beam smoke detector can be installed with up to two detector heads per system, thus saving on installation time and costs. In addition, each system controller houses two pairs of fire and fault relays, one per detector. This innovative system has been designed from the ground up to include pioneering technology that fully addresses the needs of the installer and user, both now and in the future.

Product Detail

Fireray® 3000

End to End Infrared Optical Beam Smoke Detector

The Fireray® 3000 End to End Infrared Optical Beam Smoke Detector (OBSD) has been designed using the latest optical technology, incorporating modern industrial, electronic and software techniques. This detector offers cost effective protection of large, open area spaces with high ceilings. It is also very suited to applications where access to ceiling mounted smoke detectors presents practical difficulties.

Product Detail

Fireray® 50R/100R

Reflective infrared optical beam smoke detector

The Fireray® 50R/100R series of reflective infrared optical beam smoke detectors are comprised of a single unit incorporating an infrared Transmitter and Receiver. The signal is reflected by a prism and analyzed for smoke presence. The system is designed to be mounted so that the beam will project between 0.3 and 0.6 meters below and parallel to the ceiling. Lateral detection may be up to 7.5 meters either side of the beam.

Product Detail

Fireray® 2000 EExd

Optical beam smoke detector for hazardous areas

The Fireray® 2000 EExd comprises of a Transmitter Unit, which projects a modulated infra red light beam to a Receiver Unit. The received signal is analysed and should smoke be present for a predetermined time a fire condition is signaled. A Control Unit is located within 100 metres cable run of the Receiver Unit enabling low level installation and diagnostic capability. Conforms to BS 5839 Part 5.

The Fireray® 2000 EExd complies with the ATEX Directive.

EX LogoII 2 G D IP6X EEx d IIB T6
(Tamb= -20°C to +55°C)

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