Event Monitoring

SNS Event Monitor

Remote Monitoring Provides Greater Control

Using the power of your existing Ethernet network, SNS Event Monitoring communicates with the Web-based SNS Applications Management Platform (AMP) software to monitor conditions and document performance. If any status change is detected, alerts are automatically sent to appropriate maintenance staff to take action before a small situation turns into a huge issue. Alert escalation definitions ensure additional notifications are sent when first alerts are not acknowledged.

Product Detail

Water Detection Sensor

Powerful, versatile Primex Wireless Event Monitoring is the ideal solution for maintaining optimal conditions throughout your facility, especially in remote or off-site locations. This low-profile sensor is designed to monitor the presence of leaks in basements, around drains, or near water tanks. A leak alert is sent when a conductive bridge is formed between two contacts, sending a signal to the AMP facility monitoring platform via the SNS™ Event Monitor. Up to four Water Detection Sensors can be connected to each Event Monitor.

Product Detail

Door Closure Switch

Working together with the Primex Wireless SNS Event Monitoring system, this accessory helps maintain optimal conditions throughout the facility, especially in remote or off-site locations. The door closure switch detects and notifies appropriate personnel when cabinets, doors or windows are not closed appropriately.

Magnetic reed style sensor may be used in a variety of ways to monitor whether doors, windows, cabinets and other items are open or closed. May be used individually or wired in sequence for even greater coverage. Up to eight Contact Closure Switches may be connected to each Event Monitor.

Product Detail