Indoor Air Quality Sensor

PrimexIAQ Sensor

More Functionality in a Sleek New Design

As part of the OneVue™ wireless facility monitoring system, PrimexIAQ indoor air quality sensors take automated monitoring to the next level. The addition of the latest encryption protocols and flexible logging and reporting options ensure the security and integrity of your data with minimal load on your IT network. Your indoor air quality data is captured seamlessly in our OneVue intelligent monitoring software, allowing you to eliminate manual monitoring, maintain complete documentation, generate comprehensive reports and meet regulatory compliance requirements. When out-of-range conditions are detected, the sensor can issue audible and visual alerts at the device, and immediately reports to the OneVue software to initiate an email alert to the appropriate person in charge.

Product Detail

Temp, Humidity & CO2 Monitor

Be a Hundred Places at Once

Primex wireless sensors automatically monitor indoor air quality throughout your facility as part of the SNS™ wireless facility monitoring system. Data is transmitted from the sensors to the web-based SNS™ Application Management Platform (AMP) software multiple times a day. The AMP logs readings, sends alerts when conditions require attention, and creates comprehensive documentation to conform to all regulatory compliance requirements. Access the AMP from any computer on your network to check temperature, humidity and/or CO2 conditions in any room at any time.

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Differential Pressure Monitor

A New Level of Assurance

The SNS™ Differential Pressure Monitoring solution employs highly sensitive, low-pressure sensors with the ability to detect ultra-low changes in air pressure that could affect patient safety. The sensors require only a minuscule amount of air flow through the unit to detect pressure changes. If pressure does go out of range, visual, audible and email alerts can be issued through our SNS™ wireless facility monitoring system to allow appropriate measures to protect the safety of patients, staff and visitors.

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