Temperature Sensors

PrimexTEMP Sensor

Greater Protection with a Sleek, Professional Design

PrimexTEMP wireless temperature sensors, part of our robust OneVue wireless facility monitoring system, use continuous monitoring to safeguard your valuable medications, vaccines and other temperature-sensitive assets. When out-of-range conditions are detected, the sensor immediately reports the situation to our OneVue intelligent monitoring software, which initiates an email alert to the appropriate person and allows them to take action to protect your assets. The addition of the latest encryption protocols and flexible logging and reporting options ensure the integrity and security of your data with minimal load on your IT network. Your temperature monitoring data is captured and stored seamlessly, allowing you to eliminate manual monitoring tasks, maintain complete documentation, generate comprehensive reports, meet regulatory compliance requirements and focus on caring for patients.

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Simulate True Temperatures More Accurately

Available in a choice of two styles, SNS Thermobuffers simulate the actual temperature of refrigerated assets to minimize false sensor readings caused by opening the refrigerator door. Whether protecting vaccines, food, medications or other temperature-sensitive materials, a SNS Thermobuffer will help provide a more consistent measurement of conditions to protect your investments. Available in two styles to meet your storage needs.

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