Digital Clocks & Timers

Personal Series LCD Clock

Ideal for Offices and Patient Rooms

The Personal Series LCD clock from Primex Wireless delivers both the accuracy of synchronized time along with the convenience and styling desired for your personal space. The Personal Series’ design offers contemporary styling around the office, or in a patient room. With the ability to mount securely to the wall or stand on a desktop, the Personal Series has great deployment flexibility.

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Digital Clocks – Levo Series

XR Levo Series Digital Clocks

Sleek, low-profile design puts the focus on the bright LED digits to keep your facility running on time. Our Levo Series clocks are designed to be easily viewed from up to 150 feet away. They synchronize seamlessly with your Primex Wireless 72MHz/GPS XR Series system using our proprietary 72MHz signal that transmits easily through common building materials and across longer distances with less potential for signal interference.

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Programmable Timers – Levo Series

Perfect for Schools, Hospitals, and Manufacturing Facilities

Programmable timers are great for use in schools to count down the remaining time between class changes, or in manufacturing facilities to display the amount of time left for breaks and lunch periods. Our Levo Series Programmable Timers give you the ability to set it and forget it. Simply use the Primex Wireless Event Scheduler Pro Software (sold separately) to create a precise schedule of recurring countdown functions. The timer will begin counting down at each preset time on schedule. When each countdown function is complete the timer automatically displays the correct time, synchronized to every other clock on your Primex Wireless 72MHz/GPS system.

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Elapsed Timers – Levo Series

Keep your Facility On Schedule

Elapsed Timers give you the ability to track how much time has passed in a variety of situations. They are ideal for use in a healthcare setting to display the time elapsed during critical procedures, or in the classroom to show students how much time is left during exams. Our Levo Series Elapsed Timers synchronize with all other clocks on your Primex Wireless system, and display the correct time when not in timer mode. Choose an Elapsed Timer to count up or count down to a maximum of 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds as needed. The wall-mount Switch Control provides the ability to select Run, Hold or Reset the timer functions to keep your facility running on time.

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Code Blue Timers – Levo Series

Reliability You Can Trust

When every second counts during a Code Blue event, your team needs to be able to rely on the accuracy of the clocks in every department. The Levo Series Code Blue Timer is a multi-function digital clock and timer that integrates with the existing facility Code Blue system to effectively time each event. Part of the Primex Wireless XR Series Time Synchronization system, the timer provides precise Code Blue event timing to help your team stay within recommended treatment guidelines and deliver optimal patient outcomes.

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Digital Clocks – Classic Series

Designed for Visibility and Reliability

Perfect for large rooms and hallways, the bright LED digits of the our Digital Clocks are viewable up to 150-feet away. Users can select from a variety of clock display options. Includes an 8-hour power outage memory back-up.

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Digital Timers – Classic Series

When Timing is Critical, Rely on Primex Wireless

High-visibility digital timers will help create organizational efficiency across your facility. Deploy our Digital Timers to count up or count down the seconds that matter to keep your facility running on time. All timers feature three dimming options, plus memory back-up to keep your timers in sync for up to eight hours during a power outage.

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Code Blue Timers – Classic Series

Reliable Operation During Life-Threatening Emergencies

When every second counts, healthcare facilities rely on our Primex Wireless Code Blue Timer for tracking the critical moments that occur during a Code Blue event. This multifunction digital clock and timer provides reliable operation during life-threatening emergencies.

When a Code Blue event is invoked, a relay/pulse is sent from the Code Blue system to the timer, which triggers it to begin counting up. If a Code Blue status is in effect, it will take priority and the timer’s previous task will run in the background until the Code Blue function is stopped. A switch control allows the user to operate the timer in multiple modes. In the event of a power outage the timer’s memory is backed up for up to eight hours.

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Crash Cart Kit

Accurate time management wherever needed

To improve elapsed time tracking in emergency situations, Primex Wireless offers the Crash Cart Kit. Combine a Primex Wireless digital clock or timer with this specially designed universal installation kit to have essential timing available on mobile crash carts in your facility.

The Crash Cart Kit includes an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), brackets and hardware for mounting a bright LED Primex Wireless digital clock onto a mobile crash cart. Simply plug the power supply into an outlet when the crash cart is not being used to charge and keep the power supply at the ready. During mobile use, power is continuously supplied to the synchronous clock or timer for hours of operation. With synchronized and elapsed time directly available on the crash cart, important moments during an emergency can be precisely measured.

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