Nurse Call Automation

Automatic Call Cancellation for Nurse Call Systems

As the location information provider to more than 80% of automated nurse call systems, we’ve learned a few things.

In order for location information to be useful for Nurse Call (or any application that requires automation of an event), it must be:

  • Granular — Room-level accuracy is necessary. Bed-level locating offers additional functionality.
  • Timely — Updates every 3 seconds are ideal; more than 10 seconds is considered insufficient.
  • Reliable — Location is consistently determined and reported.

Versus initially established the viability of real-time locating in the healthcare market via its integration with nurse call systems to automate nurse registry and call cancellation.

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Visibility™ Asset Tracking

Entry-level Locating for Hospitals & Healthcare

An average hospital can lose $4,000 per day in lost wages due to time spent searching for mobile medical equipment, not to mention the over-procurement of assets to ensure availability. Realize quick ROI with RTLS asset tracking.

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Advantages™ Hand Hygiene Safety

Real-time Technology for Safer Care

Of course you know that proper hand hygiene is the first and best line of defense in controlling hospital-acquired infections. Help increase hand hygiene compliance at your facility and automatically document your success using RTLS.

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Advantages™ Clinic

Improve Patient Flow for Clinic Efficiency

You want more time with each patient, but you need to see more patients. What if you could have both? Improve efficiency in your clinic with the most deployed RTLS for patient flow.

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Visibility™ Staff Assist

Mobile Call Button for Nurse & Staff Safety

Healthcare is one of the most rewarding industries to work in; unfortunately it also leads in reported cases of workplace violence. Give nurses and other staff the ability to call for help — anytime, anyplace.

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