Sapling Wireless Clock System

Sapling’s Wireless Clock System is the embodiment of innovation and reliability. Eliminating wiring throughout an entire facility can save you thousands of dollars on installation and also allows for retrofitting of an existing installation. The system is comprised of a master clock and analog or digital wireless slave clocks. The ingenious part of this system is that the clocks aren’t limited in receiving the signal by the range of the transmitter. Each clock acts as a transceiver, meaning the secondary clocks both receive and retransmit the signal, maximizing signal transmission distances.

Working on Sapling’s patented 915-928MHz frequency hopping technology, our system requires no FCC license eliminating extraneous fees. The Wireless System allows multiple secondary clocks to use the same frequency range without interfering with other wireless products. In fact, the received signal remains strong even under the effects of noise, obstructions or long distances which tend to decrease the signal to noise ratio (SNR). Installation is a cinch for our wireless clock — just insert the batteries or connect power and hang them. That’s it.

Jeron 790 Nurse Call System

Provider ® Nurse Call System leverages the latest VoIP technology to give fast alerting and clear communications that delivers full-duplex digital audio from one end of a facility to the other.

Versus Optimizing Workflow Demo

Experience the Advantage of RTLS Automation

Spectralink Mobile Workforce Solutions: Solving Every Day

Spectralink solutions solve everyday challenges with unique communication tools for mobile workforces in healthcare, retail, manufacturing and other industries. We study how people work and partner to discover ways to increase efficiency, productivity, and overall satisfaction. Our mission is to help your business succeed every single day.

Primex Wireless Product Demo

Short excerpt from a product demo for Primex Wireless, written and narrated by IMAGO and produced by Extra Mile, Inc.